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Fee Structure

We are an operational cost of business for head contractors and builders. That's why you won't see us itemised on any invoices from head contractors to project owners.

Head contractors and builders are able to deduct their usual advertising and operational expenses when calculating invoices sent to project owners, and swap them out for our lower standard industry rate of 6% of the project's gross.

Head Contractors and Builders:
Our advertising network gives builders and head contractors a lower cost alternative to the the way they normally advertise their business and to the way they source building work, jobs, and supply and installation contracts.

The project owners we connect you with won't waste your time either as TopBuilders filters and qualifies each lead sent to head contractors.

Our marketing fee is only invoiced to the head contractor once the project owner issues payment directly to the head contractor.

If a project doesn't go ahead or if payment wasn't received by the head contractor then TopBuilders will waive the marketing fee and absorb the advertising cost so you don't have to.
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