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Couple and Builder

Looking for more work as a builder?

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Get local supply and/or installation contracts sent to you via our lead generation platform for builders in NZ.

How it works:

Sign up now to start receiving local building projects.

Once you or your construction business are verified all of your employees will be ready to work on projects.

You'll be notified of new jobs within your area. Decide which projects you want to work on, and choose to perform a site visit or an online quote based off any site plans, images, and /or videos. 


Send your quote to the project owner.

Once you've costed the job, add our low success fee (of 6% gross) to your final project quote and send it to the project owner. 

Once the project owner accepts your quote, you can begin work based on the timeframes and payment conditions you've defined in your quote, just as you normally would with any other job.


Start work building fences, decks and more.

A TopBuilders account manager will be in contact with the project owner to ascertain project feedback and to ensure that everything is progressing smoothly. The TopBuilders success fee is commission-based and applicable and invoiced only once we've determined that the project owner has issued payment to you, the head contractor / builder contracted directly by the project owner. Please read our terms of use for more information.

*Need more information? Our success fee rates can be found here.

The team here at TopBuilders are looking forward to becoming your preferred lead generation source for building work in NZ. 

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Builder Testimonials

"Sweet too easy!!! Looking forward to more work, as it allows me to look at scaling up a bit and hopefully keep the wait time down for customers"

- Alex, FairFence Limited


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